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Why can sodium sulfite react with sulfuric acid?

Why can sodium sulfite react with sulfuric acid?

Sulphite is a weak acid and sulfuric acid is a strong acid. Strong acids can replace weak acid groups in weak acid salts, and due to its limited solubility, the generated sulfur dioxide will deplete the aqueous solution.

Is sodium sulfite harmful to the body?

Sodium sulfite is harmful to human skin, eyes and trachea.

1. Skin contact

Contaminated clothing should be taken off and rinsed with plenty of running water.

2. Eye contact

Lift the eyelids, rinse with running water or saline, and seek medical attention in time.

3. Inhalation

Leave the scene to a place with fresh air. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen and seek medical attention.

4. Ingestion

Drink enough warm water, induce vomiting, and seek medical attention in time.

Precautions for storage of sodium sulfite:

1. Due to the unstable nature of sodium sulfite, it should be stored airtightly in a dry place below 30°C.

2. Sodium sulfite is a strong reducing agent, which is easy to oxidize under the action of moist air and sunlight. It will decompose when heated. It is necessary to keep the product away from fire and heat sources. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.

3. It should be stored separately from acids, etc., and should not be mixed. Moreover, sodium sulfite is not suitable for long-term storage, so it is recommended to purchase it according to production requirements.

4. It should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse. The packaging of the product must be sealed, not in contact with the air, to prevent deterioration by moisture.

What is sodium sulfite?

na2, composed of Yahe,


The sulfur element in so3^2- shows a +4 valence, while in the sulfate radical, the sulfur element shows a +6 valence.

Preparation method of saturated sodium sulfite solution

In the% sodium sulfite solution, add aldehyde-free absolute ethanol. According to the solubility, overdo it a little, you can see the incompletely soluble sodium sulfite, the solution should be a saturated solution at this time; the solubility of sodium sulfite increases with the temperature And elevated.

The quality of sodium sulfite and the volume of water are 5:95. If it is to prepare a solution, you can first weigh 5g of sodium sulfite, measure the water with a graduated cylinder, and dissolve and mix well in a beaker. It is used for the microanalysis and determination of tellurium and niobium and the preparation of developer, and also used as a reducing agent.

Used in man-made fiber stabilizer, fabric bleaching agent, photographic developer, dyeing and bleaching deoxidizer, perfume and dye reducing agent, papermaking lignin removing agent, etc.

Used as a common analytical reagent and photoresistor.

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