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What exactly is sodium nitrite

Sodium nitrite is a granular or white to light yellow powder. It is easily soluble in water and has a salty taste. The taste and appearance are similar to edible salt.

In fact, the meat products that we are allowed to see in our daily life include: cured meat products, salted duck, Chinese ham, bacon, sausages, cured meat, fried meat, enema, fermented meat products, etc. . The number of colorants used is limited.

Sodium nitrite is highly likely to cause food poisoning. Eating 0.2-0.5 grams of sodium nitrite can cause poisoning, and eating more than 3 grams may even cause death.

Sodium nitrite is a toxic substance. If you eat three grams of sodium nitrite, it will be fatal, because sodium nitrite can oxidize the normal oxygen of methemoglobin carried in the blood to methemoglobin, causing it to lose the ability to absorb oxygen, leading to tissue hypoxia.

At the same time, sodium nitrite is a carcinogen, so you must be careful when eating foods containing sodium nitrite and not eat more.

Sodium nitrite does not exceed the standard is harmless!

The Chinese government has established strict standards for sodium nitrite residues in every food (especially bird's nest).

The sodium nitrite in bird's nest must be less than 30ppm

Western-style ham and canned meat should not exceed 70ppm and 50ppm

Preservation of sodium nitrite

Sodium nitrite plays an important role in food preservation by resisting bacteria.

In fact, sodium nitrite is a legal food additive. According to China's food safety standards, food additive use standards (gb2760-2014), potassium nitrite and sodium nitrite can be used as preservatives and color protectants, mainly for the marinating of meat and meat products. We are ingesting sodium nitrite every day, as long as it is not used in excess, it will not cause sodium nitrite poisoning, as long as it is not used in excess, it will not cause carcinogenic consequences.

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