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What are the current manufacturing processes for soda ash?

China's soda ash process has matured, and it is one of the few countries in the world that adopts three processes. In addition, there are Japan's new Asahi method and Russia's nepheline method. Currently,soda ashThe craft is mainly divided into naturalAlkaliCraftsmanship andsynthesisProcess, synthesis process is divided into ammonia-soda process and soda process.

The advantages and disadvantages of soda ash produced by the ammonia-soda method are as follows


1. Raw materials: Ammonia is used to produce soda ash, and there are many types of raw materials.

2. Purity: Soda ash is produced by ammonia-soda method with high purity.

3. Production capacity: using ammonia water method, continuous production, strong production capacity.


1. Low utilization rate of sodium chloride

2. A large amount of raw salt, limestone, coke, water and other resources are required, and a large amount of waste residue and waste liquid are discharged.

The advantages and disadvantages of the merging process are as follows


1. Utilization rate: The utilization rate of raw materials is high, which not only produces soda water, but also produces the same amount of ammonium chloride.

2. Production input cost: Limestone and coke are not needed in the production process, which can effectively reduce production costs.

3. Equipment investment cost: The soda ash part does not need to use heavy equipment such as ammonia tower and ash remover, which not only reduces the process steps, but also avoids the equipment investment cost.

4. Environmental protection: The alkaline combined process is basically a closed cycle, a small amount of waste liquid will be discharged, and a large amount of waste liquid and residues will not be discharged. It can be built on the mainland for production, which is more conducive to sales.


1. The development of agricultural production and compound fertilizer industry can easily limit the joint production of ammonium chloride.

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