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Nantong Fangbing Chemical Co., Ltd.
Contact number: 18012887077
Email: ntfbhg@163.com

Nantong Fangbing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive modern industrial enterprise integrating scientific research and management. The company's business scope covers many fields such as fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical solvents, special inorganic chemicals, chemical additives, and supports wholesale of phenylhydrazine manufacturers, wholesale of diphenylhydrazine manufacturers, and wholesale of soda ash manufacturers.

We have good products and a professional team. The company is developing rapidly. We provide customers with satisfactory products, good technical support, and sound after-sales service. Nantong Fangbing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise of phenylhydrazine. If you are interested in product services, please leave a message online or call for consultation.