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Nantong Fangbing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive modern industrial enterprise integrating scientific research and management, and a soda ash manufacturer. The company's business scope covers various fields such as fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical solvents, special inorganic chemicals, chemical additives, etc. The main products are sodium nitrite, phenylhydrazine hydrochloride, potassium bisulfite, and ammonium bisulfite. And supports wholesale of phenylhydrazine manufacturers, wholesale of diphenylhydrazine manufacturers, wholesale of diphenylamine manufacturers, wholesale of soda ash manufacturers, wholesale of sodium sulfite manufacturers, wholesale of hydrazine hydrate, etc. Anhydrous sodium sulfite has a wide range of functions and is well received by customers. Its business covers the whole country, mainly covering Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Hebei, Hubei, Shandong, Sichuan, Shanghai and other places.
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  • 01

    Which organic substances can phenylhydrazine react with?

    Addition reaction, acid chloride reaction, oxidation reaction, nucleophilic substitution reaction. Phenylhydrazine is equivalent to an amino compound, which can react with aldehydes and ketones containing carbonyl groups, and can also react with acid chlorides.

  • 02

    What color is the diphenylamine solution

    White to light gray crystals, volatile and similar in toxicity to aniline. Can be used to identify DNA and nitrate. Used as a stabilizer for dyes and explosives.

  • 03

    What is the difference between nitrite and sodium nitrite

    Sodium nitrite is a kind of nitrite, and its aqueous solution is very alkaline (pH=9). It is corrosive to glass and rubber, but not very corrosive.

  • 04

    How to treat sodium nitrite wastewater

    Sodium nitrite is an oxidant that can be removed by burning. The aqueous solution of sodium nitrite is alkaline and can be treated by acidification. Sodium nitrite has reductive properties and can be treated with sodium nitrate by oxidation.

  • 05

    What is liquid nitrogen

    Liquid nitrogen is liquid nitrogen. Under normal pressure, the temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196°C; 1 cubic meter bai of liquid nitrogen can expand to 696 cubic meters of pure gaseous nitrogen at 21°C. Liquid nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, liquid and gas at low temperature under high pressure.

  • 06

    Does ammonium bisulfite exist in the solution?

    exist. Ammonium bisulfite is stable only in solution, but will ionize and hydrolyze (double hydrolysis is not strong, because sulfurous acid and ammonia are inherently strong acids and bases), so it does not exist in molecules.

  • 07

    Why can sodium sulfite react with sulfuric acid

    Sulfurous acid is a weak acid, and sulfuric acid is a strong acid. The strong acid can replace the weak acid radical in the weak acid salt, and the generated sulfur dioxide will escape from the aqueous solution due to its limited solubility.

  • 08

    Is soda ash alkali?

    Sodium carbonate, chemical formula: Na2CO3, common name "soda", "soda ash" (it is worth noting that sodium carbonate is not an alkali, but a salt, and its aqueous solution becomes alkaline).

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